Dean Hayes makes room for new center

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The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, John Hayes, is on the move, literally. To make room for Pacific’s new Advising Center, Hayes has moved from his previous office in Bates House to a business suite on the second floor of Berglund Hall.

“We have run out of space on this campus,” said Hayes. “Space is a premium. Until the optometry school moves in three to five years, the College of Arts and Sciences will be cramped.”

Hayes and his executive assistant, Leah Bagley, have moved to 207 Berglund. The financial specialist for the College of Arts and Sciences, Jeane Canon, will move there as well once administrative support is hired for the Advising Center. That hire is tentatively set for this month.

Although originally planned to reside in Scott Hall, the Advising Center will be located in Bates House to allow more private space.

Gretchen Potter will be the head of the center. Potter is in charge of how the center will develop, but Hayes said there will be peer advising as well as advising for issues or struggles with the educational requirements.

“Because the core requirements have changed and are more complicated now, we decided that students need a professional advisor who is here every day, all day,” said Hayes.

Though still looking at boxes, Hayes and Bagley are adjusting to the change.

“The advantage of Bates was all the foot traffic I got from students and faculty. Over here there are not nearly as many chances to have conversations,” said Hayes.

The advantages include more meeting space and more space for storage. Hayes said Berglund Hall is a great building and that he is pleased to be there.


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