KISS library poster to be signed by Thayer

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For months now the charcoal poster of rock band KISS has hung in the library. The creator of the poster was a mystery to many members of the Pacific community who use the library, until now. The drawing 101 class of the 2010 fall semester worked together to create the poster. For these students, the poster is a piece of artwork that they take pride in.

“I did the lower half of Gene Simmons face,” said sophomore Richard Murphy. “I did the tongue.”

Their professor of art, Junko Iijima, wanted them to create a poster with relevancy to Pacific. The class decided that since Tommy Thayer is on the Board of Trustees for Pacific, a mural of KISS would be appropriate.

The assignment relied on the class’s teamwork skills as well as their art skills. Each student was assigned a blown up section of a photo of KISS to draw in charcoal. They had to be in constant communication to make sure their piece aligned with others around it. The class completed the poster after 2 weeks.

While the students who made the poster are impressed with the outcome, they are not the only ones. Thayer talked with Hannah Halpern, who was assigned to draw Thayer’s face, and he offered to sign the poster for the students when it is taken down from the library.

“I had no idea that I would be talking to the guy whose face I drew,” said Halpern.

There is no set date to take the poster down.


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