Student discounts extend beyond Forest Grove

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Many Pacific students are well aware of the student discounts available at local businesses like Pizza Schmizza or “the starving student special” at the Cornerstone Pub, but, believe it or not, discounts for college students extend beyond locally owned businesses.

Online superstore,, offers its own benefits to students. Any student with a current school email address (anything ending in .edu) can enroll by changing their account settings. Once enrolled, students can benefit from free two-day shipping on eligible items which often includes a wide variety of textbooks and books.

For students who are seeking discounts aside from shipping on textbooks and more, Apple has a separate website ( devoted to educators and students, where they can purchase MacBooks or iMacs.

Software discounts are also available to students through the university bookstore’s website. Software like Microsoft Office is available for a discounted price.

One of the better deals on the website is Adobe Creative Suite 5. It’s currently available for a little under $450 compared to its nearly $1,800 retail value.

Even if a business doesn’t advertise savings for Boxers, it never hurts to ask retailers if they offer a student discount.


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