Changes to print fees give greater flexibility to students

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After many requests from students to change the monthly printing credit system, University Information Services has changed printing fees from a monthly credit to a yearly one.

Instead of having a $5 credit for printing every month, students will now have a $60 printing credit for the entire academic year.

According to Assistant Vice President for Information Services Ted Krupicka, the changes to Pacific’s printing system were sparked by student requests to change the system. He said with the old system, many students might not print anything until the end of the term when they need to print more than the $5 monthly allotment.

The new system allows students to use their printing credit when they print the most without going over their limit.

Krupicka also said the changes would reduce the number of times the Business Office would need to process billing for printing charges.

Since sustainability is one of Pacific’s values, Krupicka said he would like to see the school population be more green when they print. Faculty, staff and students have the option to print double-sided, which would only cost the equivalent of one page.

According to Krupicka, in November, Pacific’s population printed 240,000 pages and 143,000 pages in December among the three campuses in Forest Grove, Hillsboro and Eugene. Krupicka suggested a couple ways to reduce printing, including stopping to think about whether a paper copy of something before they print it and to also use more electronic means of communication.

Now that the printing system has changed, Krupicka said one of the most frequently requested improvements from students is to add printers to the residence halls.

Krupicka said there is a serious discussion about doing this, but he is concerned that this could potentially increase the amount of printing on campus if students had easier access to printers.

There is also the question of who would manage the printers after hours when UIS is not around to refill paper or put in new ink cartridges.

For now, students have the option to print in the 24-hour study room located in the University Library.


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