York University scholars to host social media seminars

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Pacific’s Media Department will soon welcome York St. John University’s Drs. Sunil Manghani and Abhay Adhikari.

On April 5, the two visiting scholars will be teaming up to hold a faculty seminar titled, “From Hyperlocal to Globally Anonymous: Digital Identity and the Cultural Sector.”

The following day, Manghani will be giving his own public lecture, “Making Metapictures Political: Re-Scaling Images of the Fall of the Berlin Wall” in McGill auditorium.

Although Manghani’s lecture is open to the community, it will be focusing specifically on his research about the media’s use of images in the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Professor Jules Boykoff said that the lecture would definitely be the most meaningful to students because it addresses social media as well, making the topics “relevant to their everyday lives.”

Manghani’s full itinerary also features visiting three different classes where he will be interacting with media students on their individual projects and giving a brief class workshop on media images.

On April 8, Adhikari will hold a workshop, “What is your Digital Identity? Bridging the Gap between our Physical and Virtual Lives” to wrap up the trip.

Also a part of the social media series, Adhikari will be giving beginner’s and regular user’s lessons on how to develop your own “Digital Identity.”

Doctors Manghani and Adhikari are two visiting scholars that Pacific is hosting this year.

In 2008, University President Lesley Hallick signed an agreement with York St. John University of England’s Vice Chancellor, David Maughan Brown that included a faculty and student exchange program. Three visiting scholars are hosted at each university annually.

Boykoff is one of Pacific’s contacts for the program and said he is “very grateful to the faculty who have opened their classrooms to the visiting scholars.”

He said that the program has created great opportunities for both students and faculty.

Boykoff said he is excited to see students at these upcoming lectures and workshops engage and collaborate once again.


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