New Information Officer seeks campus feedback

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By fall semester of 2012, Pacific’s College of Health Professions will add audiology to its graduate degrees.

Audiology is the study of hearing, balance and related disorders. According to College of Health Professions Executive Dean Ann Barr, Oregon has not had an audiology program in 10 years.

The CHP began its search for a director of audiology on March 2 and according to Employment Manager Michele Quint, review of the seven received applications began on March 31.

Interviews will be held on the Hillsboro Professional Campus in the next week and a decision should be reached by the end of spring semester.

Applicants will be considered by a panel of six peers: Barr, Assistant to CHP Executive Dean Carole Billings, Optometry Professor Bradley Coffey, Interim Director of Audiology Doug Martin, Portland State University professor Ellen Reuler and Co-owner of Audiology Clinic, Inc. Nancy Bowen.

“I think that the ideal candidate is someone who has been involved with a graduate program in audiology,” said Reuler, “So that they have had experience with accreditation, licensure and certification standards for audiologists.”

“We’re also looking for someone to lead a relatively large program,” said Barr. “Most programs in audiology are smaller than the one we’re envisioning.”

Barr emphasized that people who apply for these positions come with a multitude of experiences and that there is no “magic combination.” She said she believes the individual who looks at the curriculum and says, “I see the future of my field” will be the one the committee chooses.

“We look forward to choosing the next leader for audiology in Oregon,” said Barr.


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