Bang reported as harmless prank

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On the morning of Sept. 15, students on the Forest Grove campus awoke to two loud booming noises between 1 and 2 a.m. near the volleyball pit outside of Clark Hall and near the University Center.

According to Environmental Health and Safety Manager Robert Dahl, when campus public safety investigated the noise, they found that it had occurred from a chemical reaction inside a 12-oz. water or pop bottle that had resulted in a loud rupture.

“My roommate and I heard two loud bangs,” said freshman Sawyer Narro, who lives on the first floor of Clark. “We ran to get our R.A. and he called CPS. We went outside for a little and then went back to our room. It was really scary.”

No one was injured as a result of the minor explosion and so far, CPS does not know who was responsible.

While this device would technically be considered a bomb, Dahl considered the incident to be a prank instead of something intended to harm others.


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