Flu shots offered at health center

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With the holidays just around the corner and the weather slowly growing colder, now is a perfect time to consider getting a flu shot. The Pacific University Health Center is offering vaccinations for $25 to help keep students, staff and faculty healthy this flu season.

Influenza is an upper respiratory infection that can cause fever, sore throat, fatigue, muscle aches and many other symptoms. Due to the high exposure of bacteria and germs that students in college experience, it is beneficial to know the risks and how to prevent contracting flu.

Director of Health Services Kathryn Eisenbarth, who has worked at the Student Health Center for 18 years, said, “It would help not only the students who get the shot but those around them that haven’t received the shot to stay healthy and not be at risk of obtaining the virus.”

The flu vaccination shot will help prevent contraction of influenza and other viruses students can be subject to, like H1N1. The flu vaccination typically provides protection for three to four months, however those who receive it should still take precautions to prevent illness.

Even if a person received the vaccination last year, they should get vaccinated again because the flu viruses are constantly evolving. The new shot may not protect against recent viruses as well. By getting the shot at the beginning of October, a person will be protected for the up-coming holidays and when viruses at most common through March.

A person can be a very contagious carrier of the flu without showing any symptoms. Flu viruses are mainly spread by when carriers with the flu cough, or sneeze or talk to others. Symptoms to watch for are soreness and generally feeling under the weather. Those with fevers are recommended to wait to obtain a shot until they are feeling better.

The Health Center welcomes students to learn more about flu and the other viruses the vaccination will protect against as well as preventative care.

The Pacific Health Center is offering first-come first-serve vaccination shots on Wednesday, Oct. 5 from 3 to 5 p.m. Vaccinations were offered at the Hillsboro Student Health Center on Tuesday, Sept. 27 and will be offered again Thursday, Sept. 29 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. The cost to receive a flu vaccination is $25 and can be paid for by cash or check. Students may also bill their business office account.

The process of receiving the vaccination should be simple and timely. Interested individuals will be given an information sheet from the CDC outlining the benefits and effects of the shot and will then sign a statement and pay for the service. The vaccination itself will be delivered quickly so people can continue their day.

The best way to stay healthy and safe is to know the facts and take initiative to stop a virus before it stops you.


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