Dinner with alums approaches

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Students looking for a home-cooked meal away from campus and the opportunity to converse with Pacific alumni should consider attending the Past and Present Dinner on Nov. 13 at 6 p.m.

The event is free, transportation is provided, all Pacific graduate and undergraduate students are welcome and special accommodations and dietary restrictions can be easily met.

According to Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow Vice President Tia Garcia, “many people want to host students.”

Each fall since 2009, the Office of Alumni Relations staff receives ample responses to letters and emails they send out asking local alumni to host students.

Director of Alumni Relations Martha Calus-McLain said, “every year we hope to see it grow.”

According to Calus-McLain, the goal of STAT is to prepare students to be active alumni. The dinner is designed to make Pacific connections. She said the event is mostly for fun but it also educates students about available connections and resources.

“We work on creating ties between students and alumni, whether it’s by athletic team, Greek group or major,” said Calus-McLain.

“Both the students and alumni walk away radiant from this event,” said Calus-McLain. “It’s nice for alumni to hear college joy lives on and who doesn’t like to hear how things were way back when?”

“It makes you feel more connected with the school, like more a part of it,” said Kristin Villatorres, a member of STAT. “Not only that, but we get to hear their stories of what Pacific was like when they came.”

This year, 11 host homes and more than 30 students have RSVPed and it’s not too late to sign up. To do so, contact the Office of Alumni Relations by calling 503-352-2057 or email Denise Banh at denise.banh@pacificu.edu. The event can also be found on Facebook.


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