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The Pacific University Residence Housing Association recently replaced their Public Relations Coordinator, a rarity for the middle of the semester. Sophomore Mikka Nostdahl took on the role after Michelle Monk left the position earlier this semester.

RHA is a group of students that oversee student life in the residence halls on campus. The Public Relations Coordinator specifically is in charge of public relations between the students of Pacific and members of RHA.

Along with being the voice for students to RHA, Nostdahl is now in charge of taking minutes at RHA meetings, the birthday cake program, writing thank you notes on behalf of RHA, general RHA responsibilities and being a main part of the PUSH Committee.

The PUSH Committee is a student group made up of representatives from each residence hall that support sustainability for the Pacific residences on campus. The committee was created last year and meets biweekly. PUSH is separate from RHA, but Nostdahl’s goal for the committee is for PUSH events to be more visible to the Pacific community. He said he wants the student body to become more aware of PUSH’s presence on campus.

Nostdahl started out on Hall Council, but said he wasn’t getting the enjoyment he craved. “RHA was the next logical step.”

The first RHA meeting Nostdahl attended as Public Relations Coordinator was on Thursday, Nov. 3 and he said thus far being on RHA was a “good experience.” He went on to say that the adjustment coming in half way through the semester was a little hard, but the other RHA members have supported him.

“They’ve been really open and stepped in for me,” said Nostdahl. “They’ve been very welcoming.”

The reason Nostdahl is coming into this RHA position half way through this semester is because Monk left to focus on her personal well-being. Monk said the position was too much of a time commitment with her full school schedule, a volunteer job and a work-study job.

The RHA representatives had not informed Monk the position was filled, but when she learned Nostdahl was taking her old role, she expressed excitement.

“Being on RHA is a prestigious position,” said Monk. “People know you and respect you for being on RHA. They had to pick the right person for that role and I think Mikka is that person.”

Monk will train Nostdahl in how to process birthday cakes and the other important Public Relations Coordinator responsibilities. One of the main hopes Monk has for Nostdahl is for the PUSH committee to make a major change in dorm life.

Nostdahl said he is excited for the events RHA is planning.

“Boxer Ball is going to be extra good this year,” said Nostdahl. “I can’t tell you why, but we have a lot planned.”


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