Local pet store employs new safety measures

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The Farm and Garden Store on 19th Avenue in Forest Grove has allowed students to come rent puppies to play with for years. The only requirement was that students had to leave their Boxer I.D. card behind as collateral to ensure the return of the dogs. The measure has not stopped the theft of several puppies in the past, however.
Two years ago, three shelties were stolen from the store. One woman came in to play with the puppies and noticed that the workers at the store were busy with other customers and took advantage of it by smuggling a dog out in her jacket. The owner of the pet store kept video footage of the entrance and turned that over to police, who recovered the dog.
Long-time worker at Farm and Garden Jessie Wong smiled when he was asked about the theft of the puppies two years ago. Wong said, “It’s been a long time since we’ve had any problems with this kind of thing. We’ve taken some steps toward keeping the dogs safe.”
Some of the precautions the store took were newly-installed video cameras that monitor the front entrance as well as the back half of the store where the dogs are kept. They keep the puppies locked up now and customers are required to ask a worker in order to handle one of the dogs. Even then, they are monitored closely to make certain there is no suspicious behavior. In addition to this, they have a small T.V. monitor at the desk so they can watch all corners of the store through the eyes of the cameras.
Despite the precautions, the local store has become a little less lenient on who they allow to take the puppies out on a walk, because of the risk of theft and also for the general safety of the animals.
The store has a lot at stake if one of the dogs is stolen. They are not simply kept in the store for free; they are bought. Often times after buying the dogs at a very early age, they will take care of the shots for the owners, which are also costly. If one of the dogs is stolen, then it is money out of the small company’s pocket.
As of late, there have been no thefts at the Farm and Garden store. If you go in to see the puppies, do not be discouraged if you are denied to take them out of the store for a walk. The owner is simply trying to preserve the safety of the animals.


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