Ninja zombies shamble into downtown FG

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Facebook erupted on Jan. 22 with posts about the NBC television show “Grimm” filming in Forest Grove. Within hours, however, most of these posts shifted to disappointment when it was revealed that this was not true.

What actually shut down Main Street for 12 hours that Sunday wasn’t the modernization of age-old fairytales.  The street was shut down for zombies. Ninja zombies.

Portland independent movie producer Jayson Crittenden used the Grove’s main street as the background to film a trailer for a zombie flick. His company, Swords LLC, hopes the trailer will attract financers in order to make a full-length feature film that will be comparable to the wildly popular AMC show “The Walking Dead.”

The company was turned on to the location by Pacific alumnus Kathleen Lopez, who is working as a location scout for the Oregon State Film and Video Office.

“I thought of Forest Grove because it fits a location for them,” Lopez told the Forest Grove News-Times.

There is currently no news on whether the crews will return to the area if they are given the green light for the feature-length film.

“Grimm” fans should know the series has only been reported filming in Portland and at the time of publication has not been searching for extras via as they have in recent months.


Contributions by Carlie Deltoro and the Forest Grove News-Times.


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