Applications for Housing Lottery due March 23

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During the past 22 years, students at Pacific University have participated in the housing lottery. First year students may be hesitant about the program, but the Director of Student Life Lisa Geraci said that all students should participate.

Geraci helped clarify confusion that surrounds the $100 application fee students must pay to participate in the housing lottery. This amount is the first payment to housing for next year and will be shown on one’s student account in July. Whether students participate in the housing lottery or not, they still have to make a $100 deposit if they plan to live on campus next year.

The housing application and $100 deposit are due to the Student Life Office by March 23. Students can pay online with a credit card or turn in a check made out to Pacific University. The charge cannot be made directly to your student account. The Student Life Office isn’t supposed to take cash, yet if it is the only option a student has to pay the deposit, it will be accepted.

After the deposit and applications are submitted, students will find out what their lottery number is, which indicates when their appointment will be. Housing appointments will take place from April 17-26. Students need to be on time to their meeting and bring their Boxer card. If students know who they want to room with next year, they are encouraged to bring their roommates to the appointment. From there, all of the student’s roommates can sign up for their room together.

If you have class and cannot make your appointment, an absentee form is available on the housing lottery webpage for students to submit to the Student Life Office. This form will either give a student’s roommate permission to sign off on their room or will reschedule the appointment.

For students who cannot make any of the appointments during the day, there are appointments from 8-8:30 p.m. each night to sign up for a room.

All students and their prospective roommates have to meet the age requirement for the dorm they wish to live in. For Burlingham Hall and Gilbert Hall, students must be at least 19 years old prior to the end of the fall semester 2012. For Vandervelden Court, students must be at least 20 years old prior to the end of fall 2012 semester.

Before attending housing appointments, students are encouraged to visit the housing lottery website where they can view the floor plans for each dorm and check the room availability on each floor.

For more information visit the housing lottery webpage at


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