Brain works better with aerobic exercise

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The time has almost come for exercise science major Katelyn Liebe to present her senior project on April 25.

Along with partner Allie Hassenger and help from faculty adviser Brian Jackson, Liebe conducted a study on the effects of modalities on acquisition of information in a college classroom. In other words, they are testing if students can participate in physical activity in a classroom and still have effective learning while doing so.

“Obesity is at such a high rate in the country today,” said Liebe. “This would be a great chance to get extra physical activity while attending a class.”

The study shows that because college students are expected to spend two hours outside of class on study time for every hour in class, which is about 12-15 hours per week, it is difficult for students to find the energy to participate in some kind of physical activity when they are not doing schoolwork. Liebe added that research has shown performance in the classroom increases with moderate bouts of aerobic exercise.

Therefore, it could be implied that participation, learning and testing could be improved with an active classroom.

Their study used members of the Pacific community between the ages of 18 and 25. The volunteers were provided with academic content and asked to retain and recall the information given to best of their ability. They were required to pedal on a stationary bike, walk on a treadmill, sit on an exercise ball or stand on a Bosu ball during the acquisition or retention portion of the study.

“We have worked night and day on this,” said Liebe. “I am really excited to present our findings and hopefully help improve the average classroom setting, but I am also excited for it to be over.”

Liebe will present her research in Price Hall room 204 at 2 p.m. on April 25.


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