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Pacific University’s athletic program has been growing in success every year, but has not gained the attention one senior thinks it deserves. Despite the success of the Boxers, they are not well known outside of Forest Grove. Molly Trotter has made the focus of her senior project seeing to it that this begins to change.

Boxer sports are featured with articles in The Pacific Index and a few short highlight reels and slide shows on the Internet. If you are not living on or around campus, it is hard to stay current on what the Boxers have been achieving. Trotter is a one-person staff that videotapes games, interviews coaches and athletes and edits these together for broadcasts to be displayed both on the Internet and around campus.

It is Trotter’s lifelong passion for sports and dream to be a sports reporter that has fueled her project, she said. She has featured football, men’s tennis, men’s wrestling, swimming and women’s basketball in these video broadcasts. The broadcasts include reporting done by Trotter on top of interviews and highlights that quickly sum up what the Boxers have been doing recently.

The videos have seen twofold success in their early life. They provide Pacific’s athletes with exposure to the public as well as provide a valuable recruiting tool for coaches looking to strengthen their programs.

Trotter has already begun uploading her videos to and plans to have reporting displayed on the television screens in the Stoller Athletic Center as well as on The Pacific Index’s website and the Boxer’s athletic website in the future.

She said it was nice to have some video and reporting done on our sports teams for everyone to see. Every college athlete wants to be seen through multimedia or on television and Trotter believes she is providing this opportunity for everyone involved in Pacific University athletics.

Trotter hopes that her project is only the start of more things to come for sports reporting and broadcasting at Pacific. She hopes that the student body will continue and expand on her work after she graduates this spring.

Trotter will be presenting her project at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 25 in Marsh Hall’s Taylor Auditorium, room 216.


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