Pacific University professor arrested

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On May 15, 2012, Marc Marenco (59) was arrested at the San Francisco International Airport, California on a felony arrest warrant for custodial interference issued out of Washington County, Oregon.

Marenco violated a Washington County Court ordered custody agreement and took his son from the United States to New Zealand in December, 2010. In February of 2011, a Washington County Court awarded sole custody of the son to the biological mother. At the time of the custody order the son was still in in New Zealand with Marenco.

The case was investigated by detectives of the Beaverton Police Department and presented to a Washington County Grand Jury; an indictment was issued against Marenco for custodial interference. An arrest warrant was subsequently issued for Marenco in the United States and registered with Interpol.

A New Zealand Court also found in the mothers favor and ordered Marenco and his son to return to the United States. They arrived back in the United States today and Marenco was taken into custody on the felony arrest warrant by the San Francisco Police Department. Marenco is being held in California awaiting transfer back to Oregon. The mother flew to San Francisco and was reunited with her son at the airport after he cleared US Customs.

The following agencies/organizations have assisted the Beaverton Police Department with the Marenco case:

US Department of State
US Customs and Border Protection
US Marshals Service
US Federal Air Marshals Service
US DHS-ICE Homeland Security Investigations
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Washington County District Attorney’s Office
Washington County Sheriff’s Office
Forest Grove Police Department
Government Agencies in New Zealand, Australia and Canada
San Francisco Police Department
San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office


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