Mayor encourages community involvement

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The heart and soul of small communities, such as Forest Grove, resides in its local boards, committees and commissions. These groups consist of decision makers set on making life better for all ages in the community.

Since so many of these groups consist of strictly older generations, Mayor Peter Truax encouraged Pacific students to apply for student advisory volunteer positions.

Students can choose to be involved in library programs, economic development, tree preservation, historical preservation, parks and recreational activities, public safety or citizen involvement.

All positions are on a volunteer basis and require two to three hours of dedication a month.

The duties of students are to attend meetings, give personal input and mainly supply the community groups with inventive ideas to improve Forest Grove.

“This program supplies the city with another viewpoint on issues and allows groups to get more involvement on issues that affect students,” said  Truax.

An example of a recently completed project that took into consideration Pacific students was the new parks and recreation bike racks throughout town.

Truax said the student advisory volunteer positions are beneficial to students because it gives students an opportunity to give back to the community and, in the future, will look impressive on resumés.

“People who are involved as young adults generally continue their involvement as adults either in Forest Grove or the place they decide to live,” said Truax. “This is a win-win situation for the community and students.”

The application process requires a completed form and resumé. Students will then have an interview set up with the student advisory committee. From there, students that are chosen will be given their desired positions or offered alternative positions.

“This is a great chance for students to learn about a wider range of local government and an opportunity for students to make a difference,” said Truax.

Applications can be obtained by contacting the city recorder’s office at 503-992-3235. Applications are due by Nov. 2.


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