New 3D vision center first of its kind

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Pacific University’s optometry program has been working hard to find ways to expand and created better environment for its students. That is why Pacific made the leap to build the first ever 3D vision-testing center.

The center is a room that is roughly 20 feet long and has a 3D screen that entirely covers one of its walls furthest away from the entrance.

Pacific optometrists are using the facility to help correct defects in vision such as double vision.

Professor James Kundart from the optometry department is heading the facility. Kundart said he was surprised at how many senior citizens he has had stop by the facility to have their eyes checked. He also mentioned that they were not as impressed by the technology as they were with the results.

Kundart and the other optometrists working at the facility are using the new technology to realign people’s vision. Sometimes a patient’s eyes don’t line up properly vertically. In order to fix this optometrists are using prisms within the frames of the glasses to help adjust the eyes of the patient, and correct double or blurry vision. By making the lens a little more three-dimensional, they are able to solve a big problem.

Another issue they are working to correct is motion sickness. People who struggle to read in moving vehicles are seeking help from optometrists. With 3D technology, optometrists are able to adjust patients’ glasses to help them read while in a moving vehicle.

This new 3D testing facility is also the home of a Nike SPARQ testing unit. This unit was used last year to test the vision for Pacific’s baseball team. Anyone has access to the unit now.

When asked about the success of the facility Kundart said, “It was a test on a small scale.”

The program is focusing its attention on raising funds for the new building they are planning on establishing in Hillsboro. Kundart said the program has plans to implement a large-scale version of the 3D center in the new building.


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