Circle K reaches out to community

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The Circle K club is dedicated to serving both the Pacific University community and the Forest Grove community. Work conducted by the Circle K Club includes highway cleanup, volunteering with the Forest Grove Christmas Parade, working with the Forest Grove High School, and remodeling bedrooms at nearby relief shelters.

The club holds two 30 minute meetings per month which members are asked to attend as well as participating in two service events, all being under two hours.

“Every time we meet we try to do something fun. This club is more about meeting people on campus who want to give back. We always provide food and it is a lot of fun,” said co-president Justin Roney.

Stressing the aspect of having fun within the club has caused member numbers to greatly increase this year. Last year there were only five active participating members. The club now boasts 40 members, 20 of which are regular participants.

“It’s really nice to see so many new people. Last year it was basically only the officers showing up and participating in our events. We are doing more events on campus to get our name out there for students and promote joining,” said Roney.

The next event scheduled to be a volunteer event for the Circle K Club is the Forest Grove Christmas parade, which is going to be held in December. All other upcoming events will be posted on the academics and events schedule. Links are also posted on the regular Boxer Briefs.

“I think participating in community service in general is very important. We need to give back to those less fortunate who need help. Being able to give back and have fun while you do it is what I believe draws people in,” said Roney.

After this week’s meeting, no meetings will be held until January but if students are unable to make the meeting, there will be posters around campus promoting the club and detailing future meeting times and places.


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