Committee expresses goals to show compassion for staff

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It can be difficult to chose the right birthday or thinking of you card for someone, well try doing that 502 times. T is how many cards the Staff Senate Caring Committee sent out last year.

The Caring Committee does various things to support staff members at Pacific University such as offering condolences to those who have lost a loved one, sending flowers to someone who is recovering from an illness or accident, acknowledging significant life-changing events like marriage or welcoming a new baby, and sending out birthday cards. In addition to staff members receiving a card on their birthday, Aramark provides them a free beverage.

Manager of administrative services, Andrea Stewart, is the chair of the committee, and both Nancy Connolly and Bernie Phillips serve as co-chair. Other faculty and staff that are involved with the committee are Hope Villanueva, Judy Cook, Kimberly Bittner, and Pilar Sayago.

According to Connolly, the Caring Committee has been in existence prior to 1994, and it evolved from a group of women sending cards and flowers to being part of a sub-committee of Manager’s Council. It then went on to become part of the Staff Steering Committee, to what is now known as the Staff Senate.

Phillips said the committee opens up communication by getting the word out to people, it’s here for a purpose, and it shows that people do care. Connolly added, “It’s always nice when you show that you care about people”, and that it “gives me a nice feeling that I can do that.”


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