Advising Center offers fall scheduling advice

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As spring break approaches, it is time for Pacific students to start thinking about fall registration. Advising Center Director Gretchen Potter is the go to woman on campus to help students consider options while building their fall schedules.

Potter advised freshman keep in mind that for their upcoming sophomore year, it is the key time to complete core requirements before focusing on the requirements for their major.

“The requirements to fulfill vary from student to student,” said Potter. “In general, next year’s sophomores should make sure any prerequisites for their major are completed or will be completed during sophomore year.  Sophomores should then fill in their schedule with remaining core requirements, including classes for focal studies.”

But for those who are already sophomores and advising for their junior year, she said it is time to begin focusing on the classes associated with their program of study.

“Next year’s juniors should focus on classes for their major but be sure to address and complete any remaining core requirements including focal studies,” said Potter.

For the students who will begin their senior year in the fall, Potter suggested to think ahead even further, to a life after Pacific.

“Be sure to discuss grad school and career plans with your advisor,” said Potter.

The actual scheduling process is also something that Potter can aid students in.

“Many students don’t realize the entire schedule for next year is posted with the fall schedule,” said Potter. “If a student doesn’t log in to Boxer Online, but uses it as a guest they will see the full year.  This can be helpful for long term planning.”

Regardless of a student’s standing, though, Potter urged all students to keep track of their credit hours and what requirements they have yet to complete.

“Be sure to track your total number of credits required,” said Potter. “Starting sophomore year, be sure to track your upper division credit totals.”

Every student needs forty credits of upper division and some majors don’t offer forty credits of upper division.

“Work with your advisor to see if you’ll need some upper division electives and start fitting them into your schedule,” she said.

To seek further guidance outside of an advisor, students can contact Potter at


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