New residence hall fits Vision 2020

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It is no news to Pacific students living on campus that Clark Hall is in need of improvements.

But according to University President Lesley Hallick, a possibility for the future would be improving the outdated residence hall by taking it down altogether, replacing it with a larger one that would extend into the grass lot adjacent to the tennis courts.

Hallick confirmed that the University has been “scrambling” with visits from several construction firms and architects to receive estimates for the cost of a larger, more modern Clark Hall.

Needing nearly 300 more students on the Forest Grove campus to achieve Vision 2020, Hallick said more space in residence halls is crucial.

Hallick said that if Clark Hall were to be rebuilt, the UC would follow in suit to “really enhance the whole middle of the campus” and bring in more potential Boxers.

Changing the physical UC would only be part of the rebuilding. Hallick added that in the process of meeting with constructors, there was also discussion of different dining providers in a new UC.

Finding a cost-effective dining service that also fits in with Pacific’s sustainable principles would be ideal said Hallick.

To discuss where the money for rebuilding projects would come from, Hallick said a refinancing plan will be presented to the Board of Trustees at their next meeting, May 16.

The thoughts of the Board of Trustees are very important but so are those of the students, Hallick explained. In order to make sure that those voices are heard, Hallick said students should expect surveys within the next few weeks on what they would like to see from dining services as well as in their residence halls.

Improved housing and dining that would altogether “rebuild and modernize” the campus, Hallick said, is part of the question that University is taking into consideration.

This question is, “is it the right time to grow?”


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