Pacific celebrates Earth Week

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The largest collaborative effort towards Earth Week ended April 23, with the seventh annual “In Your Face Lecture.”

President of the Environmental and Civic Action Core Max Sieler, said the 2013 Earth Week was a collaboration from multiple clubs across campus, Ace Board, Student Senate, staff, faculty, the Center for a Sustainable Society, ECA-Core and the Sustainability Committee.

Students who went to five or more events and got their passports stamped can bring it to the PIC by April 26 to be entered in a raffle of a mountain bike. The bike was donated by the Center for a Sustainable Society.

Earth week events were proposed and put on by the clubs that were in the committee. The larger events on campus included the Stuff Swap, the Forest Grove Sustainability Summit, the Cas Haley and Fanno Creek Earth Day Concert, and the Wild and Scenic Film Festival.

Sieler said he was personally the most excited about the Stuff Swap because there was so much participation from the campus with it.

On April 21 students and the Forest Grove community planted wheat plants in front of the library to be harvested in the fall.

On Earth Day, students participated in the Mobile Green project by planting mobile gardens in shopping carts to be donated to the Elms Senior Center.

Sieler said he thinks Earth week is a good culmination of civic engagement, social justice, and environmental issues. He said he hopes that Earth Week was fun for students, sparked an interest and they continue being aware after the week passed. 


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