Club reaches out with food, ministry

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The smell of barbecue wafts throughout the campus as the Pacific Christian Fellowship Club welcomes back both new and old students to their club for the 18th year.

Pacific Christian Fellowship club first formed in 1995. This club was created as an environment where students could explore and experience God with their peers. Every year the returning club members host welcome back barbecues in Trombley Square at the beginning of the year to reach out and draw others attention.

“We publicize the event as having free food because we want people to come,” said PCF President Sarah Dufficy. “Even if it is just for the food, we want to be able to engage and connect with the rest of the student body.”

The club currently meets every Wednesday evening and has many weekend functions. Varying from activity to activity, the members range anywhere from two to 20 people. They do many things, but a couple main activities are bible studies and service projects.

“I think faith development is important to many students who come to Pacific,” said PCF Adviser Michael Charles.

“This is a place for their faith to grow and mature during their college years as well as being a place to find a group of people who care for each other and serve others based on our common reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ.”

As for the future of this club, Dufficy hopes to maintain the environment of the club by keeping a safe place where students can come explore, experience and grow in relationship with the Lord.

“My hope and prayer for Pacific Christian Fellowship is that we are able to continue being a light to this campus and the people around us,” said Dufficy. “That God would continue to fill us with His spirit of love, and that it would pour out of us into our actions and daily interactions with others.”


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