Faces of Pacific: Meet Windy Stein

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One of the many faces behind the scenes of administration has successfully reached her ninth year at Pacific. This Administrative Assistant is Windy Stein.

Prior to her current position, Stein began her time at Pacific at the help desk in the Technology Information Center. In 2007, she moved to a position in the humanities department.

But today, as an Administrative Assistant, Stein’s list of responsibilities is more diverse. She regularly works with budgeting, work study students, payroll, students’ personal issues and travel courses. For this reason, Stein said that she sees her job as “part secretary, part concierge and part den mother.”

In spite of all this, Stein loves her job, her favorite part being that, “every day is different; there are always new challenges and puzzles.”

Stein recalls her college experience quite clearly, as she just graduated from Pacific last year. Her favorite part of the experience was the great amount of “diversity in the classroom.” More specifically, she enjoyed learning from the different perspectives of students in her classes. It is rewarding to get to watch her own work study students experience this just as she did.

Overall, Stein said she has one primary goal for her position this year, which is to “get a better handle on [her] new data management system.”  She explained that it will be easier to get things running smoothly.

When asked about her favorite person she has worked with over her years at Pacific, Stein had no answer. She said that because she works with many good people there is a “good sense of community.”


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