Pacific remembers past traditions

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Imagine walking around campus on Homecoming week and seeing freshmen wearing Pacific beanies. Not only would students be wearing funky hats, there would be a list of different activities happening such as a “Duley” Friday Night Comedy Show, two football games in one weekend and a game of tug-o-war. This is what homecoming week used to resemble in Pacific history; back when the mascot was a badger, not a boxer.

Some activities remain the same such as a football game, Noise Parade and bonfire, but these activities have evolved over the history of this university. The annual homecoming bonfire started around 1910.

“We guess it was around that time, because that’s when football was big at Pacific,” said Archives Librarian Eva Guggemos.

The freshmen, the ones with the beanies, would build a large triangle shaped burn pile and guard it from rival Linfield College. If they succeeded in keeping Linfield students from dismantling the bonfire, the freshmen were allowed to take off their beanies.

“The beanies were used to differentiate freshmen from upper classmen,” said Guggemos. “There was light hazing during that time.”.

The tradition ended in 1992 and has been revived in recent years, but doesn’t include rivalry and is contained in a burn barrel.

Pacific’s Noise Parade started in the 1950’s and is still a campus event today. Since the return of football in 2010, the event has once again become a large attraction during Homecoming Weekend.

As for the beanies, that tradition was phased out during the 1960’s. Other traditions that are now obsolete include Homecoming King and Queen.

What is similar between Homecoming now and then is students still look forward to competition, activities and games.

Make sure and check out next weekend’s list of events such as Boxer Nation Celebration, Noise Parade and Bonfire Rally and multiple sporting events.


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