Work study brings new opportunities

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With a constant list of who’s hiring in the area after graduation, there are people like Internship Coordinator Melissa Vieira and Career Development Center Associate Director June Dressler to help students build their resume in an appealing way for potential employers, as well as work with students on interviewing skills. These ladies are stationed at the Career Development Center in Chapman Hall, a resource for students on campus to plan their future.

The great thing about work study, Dressler mentioned, is that there are so many work study opportunities that are directly related to the students’ major, so they are working closely with their future goals and able to build their resume while still in school. Another great asset to having work study financial aid is building relationships with staff in order to receive letters of recommendation, and giving students the opportunity to show their excellence in the academic setting as well as the work force.

With new programs and departments opening up, it allows more opportunity for employment. Vieira said that this year there were new job openings in the public health program, as well as the Center for Sustainability.

Students who are awarded work study through their financial aid award letters are able to have as many work study jobs as they like; with a few restrictions. Each supervisor must know the amount of work study jobs the student has on campus, and with their school hours in mind, the student can only work up to twenty hours each week of the school year. Lastly, their earned income cannot exceed their award amount between all of their jobs.

Vieira mentioned that students who have previously been enrolled at Pacific may have an advantage. They have already built relationships with faculty and know the campus better than those just entering school, helping them to find jobs through different departments.

So what about the students who want a job on campus, but were not awarded work study? There are specific departments on campus who have jobs each year for students who just want a regular job on campus. Vieira said the Tutoring and Learning Center is always looking for employees and other places to check are the Center for Sustainability, the Civic Engagement Center, the Bookstore and Berglund Hall. Another opportunity is the Phone-A-Thon each year, through university advancement.

Dressler also stated to remember that the Financial Aid office is the center that can help students understand their financial aid award letter and how to accept or deny your work study, and the Career and Development Center is where they can help you find jobs on campus to receive your financial aid through work study.


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