Bookstore offers multiple services to students, staff

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The bookstore staff have a much more detailed job than just working the cash register and restocking the items at the Pacific University bookstore. While the busiest times of the year are at the beginning and end of the school year, the bookstore staff, including manager Stacie Blankenhorn, are hard at work throughout the entire year.

After the first few weeks of a new fall semester pass by and students have settled in with their new books and gear, the bookstore staff is still hard at work.

Blankenhorn said that each and every day throughout the school year is a day preparing for the next upcoming event.

Even preparing for the upcoming terms is a long process and can take up to a few months in advance. Blankenhorn said there’s always some work to be done and, “we spend our ‘off’ times planning and preparing for our busy times.”

The bookstore has a selection of bargain books that get revised and refreshed three to four times a year. Previously offered and older dated books get marked down constantly as new shipments with new books and materials are brought in. Students can also simply rent a book for a class at a lower pice, returning it once the course is finished.

The bookstore has also built up a “trend” selection and gift options for birthdays, special occasions or “just because” gifts.

“I am really excited for all of our holiday products including cookie cutters, ornaments and more,” said Blankenhorn.

The bookstore has more to offer than just textbooks and Pacific gear, it also hosts its own events such as book events, Appreciation Day, the biannual MFA residency and much more.  Promotions are also offered monthly.

Pacific Appreciation day is another event held every Reading Day.  The bookstore offers free food, raffles and discounts for not only students, but for the staff and faculty as well.

This Thursday, Oct. 17 the bookstore is having a Flash Sale and their short sleeve shirts will be 25 percent off for that day only.


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