Gamma Sigma fraternity celebrates 150 years

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The Gamma Sigma fraternity is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, being the oldest fraternity west of the Mississippi. Though the fraternity has had its up and downs throughout the past years, the fraternity is still moving along strong.

The fraternity’s adviser Aaron Greer mentioned that he loves seeing the energy that gets generated around the guys’ brainstorming. “I like seeing the guys getting excited about community involvement, and being the genesis for new activities on campus,” said Greer.

Although they’re not sure of the turnout for the celebration this year, many events to honor the fraternity and its alumni are part of the lineup of events for Homecoming this year.

The first event will be the Gamma Sigma Golf Scramble, taking place at Forest Hills Golf Course in Cornelius, Ore. Beginning at 8 a.m., all celebrating Pacific Homecoming are welcome to join the fraternity brothers in 18 holes of golf.

Later that evening, the fraternity will be hosting the 150th celebration dinner at 5:30 p.m. Old and new brothers can bring their dates to the U.C. for dinner and time to glance over old yearbooks and hear stories of the Gammas in the years past.

Following dinner, the Gammas are expected at the annual Noise Parade at 9 p.m.

Although there is much to be celebrated for the fraternity’s legacy, the organization has definitely had their struggles within the past few years.

The chapters’ last two presidents have not returned to Pacific to finish their degrees, leaving them without a consistent leader.

Greer commented that the issue has in some ways, affected the brotherhood’s stability because, “members come and go, with little consistency year to year.”

This lack of consistency, according to Greer, sometimes makes the event planning a struggle, as the guys’ schedules are difficult to coordinate, especially when they have now again switched leadership to Jon Riffey, the current president.

With the help of the Alumni Center’s event planning, Gamma Sigma will still have ways to celebrate the long-lasting brotherhood and the three new members pledging into the chapter this fall.


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