Education finds new home in Woodburn

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Pacific will welcome the new College of Education campus in Woodburn in fall of 2014. With a brand new program for the Bachelor of Education, the program will help implement diversity in the surrounding middle and high school areas. But also for the students at the new campus to awareness and ability to recognize the diversity in the area.

Dean of College of Education, Mark Ankeny, is also the vice president of student enrollment. Ankeny has been working alongside Dr. Kevin Carr as well as Dr. Donna Phillips in creating a program for college students to be in a community as diverse as Woodburn, where the top three languages are Spanish, Russian and English. The campus has already been offering a Master of Arts in Education, focusing on the science and math departments for future teachers who will be primarily teaching those subjects.

The space, which was approved last year, is located across the street from Chemeketa Community College. Chemeketa is a collaborative partner of Pacific, with similar missions and hopes to create great opportunities for students.

This particular campus has a unique mission, which is to celebrate diversity and to honor the culture within the Woodburn School District.

The plan for the students graduating high school would be for young men and women to have the opportunity to spend two years in the community at Chemeketa Community College, and then transfer to Pacific. This would help local teachers to better understand the culture and diversity, as well as have more diverse teachers in our school system. The campus will be bringing the campus closer to the students, and the Pacific students could act as mentors to help guide high school and middle school students.

This campus will follow along the university’s mission of diversity, helping create justice in our world, and educating and inspiring the communities.


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