Winter and spring offer more options, adventure

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Nearing the end of fall semester, many e-mails have been sent out about the new courses that are being offered in the winter and spring term at Pacific.

As usual, many of the old and new winter courses include travel and while they aren’t separated from the other classes, students are trusted to fully read the descriptions of each class before choosing so that they aren’t surprised later on when they have a traveling fee.

All of the 155, 255, 355 and 455 classes are experimental classes that have never been offered before. By seeing at 55, it’s an easy to way to immediately know that the class is new.

Winter term is the time to experiment and try new classes. A professor might also be an expert on a certain subject, so they can come up with a new idea for a class. For example, the new biology course, Biology of Iron Man, offered in winter is in a series of classes.

Many of the classes rotate through years and stages.

Other popular choices on the winter list for the adventurous student are Caribbean Fieldwork, Biological Foundations of Sexuality, Sociology of Sports, Southern Grotesque Literature and Crime and Mystery Film and Literature. Following that in spring are courses on Banned Books, Poetry and Performance, Flappers to Famine, Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning and Sociology of Jane Austen.

If students have specific advising questions on whether these classes will fit into their schedule or even if they want to take a class for fun, contact Gretchen Potter in the Advising Center for guidance.


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