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When students pack up and move home for the summer, Conference and Event Support Services start working around-the-clock to transform the Pacific University campus into a large-scale conference center.

With the help of ten student-employees, the campus becomes a hot spot for musical performances, sports camps, family reunions, organizational retreats, annual meetings and education classes.

Student staff positions are offered at 13-week durations for returning students who are looking to stay on campus over the summer.

Senior Director Lois Hornberger laughed as she said that, while most students have made a bed and cleaned a bathroom before, few have helped 400 high school-aged students check into a residence hall. She said exemplary customer service is a must for all student employees.

Because of the huge number of events happening on campus simultaneously, Hornberger urged that student staff be ready to work in a fast-paced environment and be ready to do anything.

“We are the face of Pacific University and we are extremely proud to welcome outside groups to our beautiful campus,” she said.

Part of the job description for the student staff is being responsible for cleaning rooms, stripping beds, cleaning bathrooms and getting everything set up for the next group very quickly.

Hornberger said that, while the days can sometimes be long and the work demanding, Conference and Event Support Services always looks for a good group of positive students that can make any job fun.

She said people don’t typically realize all of the things that go into making the campus operational over the summer. Part of working for Conference and Event Support Services is managing the set up of multiple rooms at once for multiple venues, monitoring light and sound, assisting with tech situations, and providing 24-hour assistance to help people staying in the dorms on campus.

With such a heavy workload, Conference and Event Support Services offers a unique set of professional skills and experience.

“Students that work for us are offered the opportunity to build customer service skills and learn the secrets to successful time management and project management in order to meet hard deadlines,” Hornberger said.

Students who applied to work for Conference and Event Support Services will be notified over spring break of the status of their application.

Those who are interested in finding information about job postings are encouraged to email conferences@pacificu.edu.


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