Mallery update: Hallick, administrators fill in roles

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As Vice President for Finance and Administration Michael Mallery concludes the second week of his trial, Pacific has made significant adjustments to cover his position. President Lesley Hallick, having more than twenty years of experience with financial affairs, has taken on Mallery’s responsibilities for the past two months.

“Mike is currently on leave and still employed,” said Hallick.

With a verdict of not guilty on March 18, Hallick confimred that Mallery will remain in his position at Pacific.

Usually during the spring semester Hallick would be travelling in an effort to raise money for the university. Instead her focus is on tasks such as tax exempt and taxable bonds.

The bonds include financing university improvements such as the construction of the new residence hall and plans to update the U.C.

“We could not hesitate on any of these fronts,” said Hallick.

Other responsibilities that Hallick has taken over are balancing the budget for next year and also managing the direct reports from staff members who represent different departments such as information technology, facilities, human resources, administration, legal, financial aid and admissions.

“All of these people have stepped up and done great,” said Hallick.

She specifically noted Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, Mark Ankeny, has taken over as administrative point for the new residence hall and U.C. construction. Hallick also mentioned Vice President of University Advancement Cassie McVeety for her help with the university investment committee.

Although this added responsibility is achievable temporarily, Hallick said that it would not last long-term. From now until graduation, this arrangement is acceptable, yet is not adequate for long-term.

Hallick mentioned how the Vice President of Finance and Administration is a strategic position, which focuses on the future of the university. So in a time such as this, when Paacific is seeing great campus change, the position is crucial.

It is still unknown when Mallery will resume his position.


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