Alcohol-Wise course: Staff explains federal ties

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For students, registering for next semester will not be possible if the Alcohol-Wise online educational course is not completed with a 70 percent or higher by Sept. 20.

Every student is required to complete this course. The federal regulations do not differentiate between age and level of education.

“It is good for everybody to know the issues of sexual misconduct and alcohol misuse and how it can affect people regardless of age,” said Dean of Students Will Perkins.

The course has been customized for students specifically attending Pacific by campus facilities and staff members such as Campus Wellness Coordinator Laura Siltanen. The goal of this program is for students to know how to react in a situation involving alcohol or inappropriate actions.

“This course is beneficial for people to use in their own lives or to help look out for other community members,” said Siltanen.

Perkins and Siltanen hope that students will be more active members in the university community. This Alcohol-Wise course will help everyone reflect on his or her relationship with alcohol and get a basic understanding of it.

In compliance with federal regulations, the university purchased the program to maintain federal funding opportunities for students such as work study and grants. Siltanen said the university does not receive any additional funding by purchasing this educational course. Both Perkins and Siltanen wanted to send out the Alcohol-Wise email earlier, but the program was delayed due to technology failure and an extensive set up process.

“Once the two-part course is completed, the students will not have to take the test again,” said Perkins. “Only new incoming students will have to complete the

online course next year.” Siltanen suggested printing out the certification for personal records, but the university would be getting a

notification of completion through the system. The university will not know a student’s score or personalized information, it will only

receive a notification regarding completion. “The goal is to get 100 percent of the students completing this online alcohol

educational course,” said Perkins. If you did not receive an email on Aug. 21

regarding the Alcohol-Wise online educational course, log onto Pacific University myAccount, click on the “more” link and then click on the link to the Alcohol-Wise page. If there is no Alcohol-Wise link, please contact Siltanen at


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