Alcohol-Wise program releases second part

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Homework done for tomorrow, check. Midterm analysis paper edited, check. Making flash cards for the test next week, check. Finished Alcohol-Wise online educational course to prevent getting a possible registration hold? Don’t stress out about it. The possibility of having a hold on a student account is not likely, if he or she has been actively working on completing the first part of the Alcohol-Wise course.

The ultimate concern right now is completing part one said Perkins. Once everyone has completed part one, the focus will be finishing part two and receiving the certification of completion. If a student has already completed the first part of the Alcohol-Wise program, Dean of Students Will Perkins and Campus Wellness Coordinator Laura Siltanen encourage them to complete part two as soon as possible.

“We are trying to work with students to help them complete the educational course instead of throwing holds on them,” said Perkins. “We are more concerned with their engagement throughout the whole process.”

The goal before was to get 100 percent of the students to complete the course. According to Siltanen, a quarter of undergraduates and a quarter of graduates have yet to complete their first part of this course. While the results have not yet met their ultimate goal, Siltanen and Perkins are trying to continue to work with those students who have been actively trying to get the program finished.

“We are really looking for a genuine effort in getting the course done,” said Siltanen.

The overall goal of the program was to help students become familiarized with campus facilities, faculty members, to gain a better understanding of how to handle a situation involving alcohol or inappropriate actions and being more active members in the university community. The course was also meant to help everyone reflect on their own relationship with alcohol.

If a student has any questions or concerns regarding the Alcohol-Wise course, they should contact Siltanen or the Student Counseling Center. If there is a purely technological issue that needs to be assessed, students should contact 3rd Millennium Classrooms.

Once the two-part course is completed, the students will not have to take the Alcohol-Wise course at Pacific University again.

For those students who made no effort in starting the course, a registration hold on their spring courses will most likely be the next consequence, but Perkins does not want that to happen. While the advisee of that student will not be notified of the online course completion, a “hold from the Dean of Students” will appear on his or her account. A hold on registration would stop a student’s progress within the university.


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