Fall Choral Concert: Students discuss musical diversity

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Music Professor Scott Tuomi and his colleagues have a collection of performances lined up for future audiences to enjoy, including the Symphonic Band performance on Nov. 7 and the Pacific Philharmonic & Chamber Ensembles concert. The winter concert is almost complete.

“We have a whole bunch of different choral groups,” Tuomi said in reference to those groups that performed on Oct. 17 for the Fall Choral Concert. The groups include the Chamber Singers, Concert Choir and three student-directed groups: Ars Nova, Voce Femme and Splendid Audacity.

When deciding on performers and performances, Tuomi said he “assumes all the groups are going to be ready” before the actual show. The directors of vocal and instrumental groups meet together when a concert idea is proposed. Selection is very voluntary, as the groups do not have to perform if they do not wish but “they always do.”

Senior, Ashley Stig of the Chamber Singers, Ars Nova and Voce Femme, she said loves choir. She found her place on campus when she started singing and fellow Soprano for Ars Nova and Voce Femme, Freshman Alyssa Bolton of the Concert Choir, agrees whole-heartedly.

Bolton said she enjoys choir for the diversity in the people she meets through choir. Freshman Jamesmichael Sherman-Lewis said he really enjoys choir as well.

“It’s a great place for people to get together as, like, a community of singers,” said Sherman-Lewis, tenor for the Concert Choir.

The nature of music is such that the lyrics and sound can appeal to a large audience, even those who are not majoring or minoring in music.

“Singing is one of those things that knows no major. Everybody can participate. The Concert Choir is designed for people that want to just sing together,” Tuomi says.

Songs are often inspired by stories or poems from different cultures with languages and different meanings. There’s something in music for everyone and it is for this reason that “no one is turned away from Concert Choir.”

For those Jazz fans out there, Tuomi said, “Jazz Band is still a thing and they’re going strong.”


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