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Another change could soon be coming to Pacific’s food options. In spring 2014, while discussing the change of food services on campus, the idea of having food carts on campus was brought to the attention of the Student Senate and Student Activities Director Steve Klein. The idea of bringing a touch of Portland to Pacific was something “out of the norm” that Klein thought could be a unique dining option on campus.

“When you start thinking about Portland, what could we bring from Portland to Forest Grove?” said Klein. “That’s where the food cart idea was thought of.”

Not only would food carts bring students a variety of food options, but would be more of a “grab-and-go” station.

This idea is in the early stages, but Klein said the goal for this process is to bring the students variety.

When it comes to the logistics of this process, there is much that needs to be done. Steve explained the ideal food carts would be flexible and mobile. While it would mainly reside outside the U.C., they will look for carts that are mobile to be used at different events whether it’s a football game, club activity or resident hall meeting making it a versatile food option. Ideally, students will have the option to use their declining balance or pay with cash if they would like to.

This is a long process the Student Senate and Aramark staff will continue to discuss. The Student Senate plans to go to Portland to get better ideas on what type of food to have, and what type of cart would be flexible enough to move around and be used for different things said Klein.

Three or four officers from Student Senate will go through the process of selecting the food provider and help decide the final product.

If students have any ideas or feedback regarding the food cart idea, email Vice President of Campus Betterment Janae Sargent at

Aramark Food Service Director Sam Currie was unavailable to comment on the food cart proposal.


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