Time capsule reveals Pacific history

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During Homecoming 2014, a time capsule was placed in the Cascade residence hall filled with memorabilia that will commemorate today for future generations. There was also a time capsule removed from the U.C. that was placed there in 1962.

A new time capsule is usually placed in honor of a new building or renovation somewhere on campus. The Alumni office is in charge of receiving objects and mementos from students who wish to put something into the time capsule.

“Time capsules are usually used as an unveiling of a recent renovation or a newly constructed building and orchestrated by the Alumni office,” Archives and Special Collections Librarian Eva Guggemos said.

The archives does not possess all of the time capsules from Pacific’s history, but in 1951 students of Jefferson Hall, the optometry building, placed a time capsule filled with unique medications, old medical tools, newspaper clippings and more.

“This time capsule is unique because it unlike a lot of other capsules,” Guggemos said. “The time capsule has a lot of old things that were not specifically from the time period.”

This is unique because individuals who look at the remains of the time capsule today can also see many objects that were from even older time periods. The metal tube and all of the objects inside of it are kept in the archives office located in the library.

If students are interested there is also the Washington Country Heritage Online website , WCHO, that has a large accumulation of picture archives students to look through.


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