Junior wins writing competition

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Every writer dreams of getting their work published, whether it is in a literary review or a full-length book. That’s just what happened for junior Shannon Konoske. Her work “Harbingers” was submitted to Glass Mountain Literary Magazine at the University of Houston.

Last May, Creative Writing Professor Keya Mitra contacted Konoske about attending the Boldface conference at the University of Houston. Mitra, Konoske and a few other students attended the conference. The students brought along their written work and submitted their writing in different competitions with various categories. Konoske’s submission won for fiction.

“Even if you don’t get published it’s so helpful just being around other writers,” Konoske said about the environment at the conference.

Konoske’s story being published is a short fictional piece about a girl who sees harbingers, a sign or omen that foreshadows a future event, of disaster before the disaster actually happens ,Konoske said.

“[I’m] very excited but also a little nervous because I’ve never had anything in a bigger publication before now,” Konoske said.

While not sure how it will be received with its elements of a darker side of fantasy, she hopes people will still enjoy it.

“It depends on everyone’s personal taste,” Konoske said.

While the official date release date hasn’t been set, she knows it will be included in the magazine’s fall issue and released sometime in December.

Konoske encourage writers of all genres to look for opportunities to submit their work.


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