Art Club member expands artistic outreach

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As a sophomore directing the newly established Art Club’s first Student Art Sale, Zara Baldwin is making a big impression on the Pacific University campus.

Being an art major, it was a big surprise to Baldwin that Pacific did not have an art club when she first arrived two years ago.

“When I first came here I was extremely disappointed in the fact that we didn’t have an art club, I was looking around for the art club,” Baldwin said. “When you think of basic clubs, there is always an art club.”

Helping to establish the organization, Art Club officially became a club in October of 2014 with their first big event happening just one week after their paperwork was approved.

“When we first started Art Club,” Baldwin said. “The next week we had our first event which was pumpkin sculpting and it was pretty successful, at least more than I expected, and I think all of the pumpkins were used.”

Baldwin has big plans and aspirations for the club and it’s impact on the Pacific community.

“I really want art club to help the art department to have a bigger presence on campus,” Baldwin said. “I want to make sure the art students on campus are visible, they are here.”

One of the recent activities that Art Club hosted was a trip to the Art Museum in Portland. While there, Baldwin, the members of the club and other students were able to bond over art and food.

“We went to the museum a couple weeks ago and we went to dinner afterwards,” Baldwin said. “We went to dinner and hung out at the museum for a long time.”

Currently, Baldwin is the Director of this Spring’s Student Art Sale which will take place April 17 in the Milky Way.

“My goal, at least is just to have people see what we are doing,” Baldwin said. “See that we are here and we aren’t just messing around in the ceramic studio and that we are actually making good art.”

Having the Art Club on campus has really made Baldwin feel connected to the other art majors on campus. Previously, she said, she did not feel very connected. Being able to connect with and talk about their art together has created a small community.

“It’s been really awesome for me and I want other people to be able to experience that. It’s made me feel more involved with Pacific as well,” Baldwin said. “I think all art majors should really consider it, because it is really cool to get involved with other art majors.”


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