Carstens describes valedictory process

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Every year, Pacific honors the accomplishments of graduating seniors through multiple celebrations and award ceremonies. The most prestigious award of all goes to the student that has shown the utmost dedication academically.

The valedictorian is honored as the top student in his or her graduating class and is given the opportunity to speak at commencement.

“To be eligible to be a valedictorian, a student must be graduating from a Pacific bachelor’s degree program with at least 112 credits earned through the university’s coursework,” said Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Lisa Carstens.

Carstens explained that credits earned through AP, IB, dual enrollment or transfer do not count toward the 112 credit minimum.

Among the students who have met the eligibility requirements, it is the student with the highest cumulative grade point average that is selected as the class valedictorian.

The process in choosing the valedictorian starts in mid-April. The College of Arts and Sciences doesn’t release the name of the honored student until a few days before commencement.

“It has been the tradition to not share the name of the valedictorian until the Senior Awards Ceremony just before graduation,” said Carstens.

This year graduation is on May 16.

The valedictorian will be announced at the awards ceremony on Wednesday, May 13 in Marsh Hall, Taylor Auditorium.

Who will it be? Make sure to check in the event or watch out for the official announcement of the class of 2015’s valedictorian.


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