Student Senate issues public apology letter

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Several weeks ago, there was an off campus event where several Student Senate members were in attendance. There was alcohol present during the event. It has been made apparent that the presence of Student Senate members at this event have not met the expectations of several students on campus. The Student Senate executive board members would like to apologize for upsetting members of the Pacific community. It has also been made apparent that there is a lot of work that can be done to improve the relationship between Student Senate and our fellow peers.

The Student Senate Executive board would like to express how honored we feel to be in this position and understand that these positions come with many responsibilities. We understand that our role is to give fellow students a voice and a way to connect with the administration on campus. We deeply appreciate the support that our peers give us and we hope to continue to serve the Pacific community in the best way we can.

This year, we are working very hard to be as approachable and transparent as possible. We are creating new communication strategies continuing to use digital signage and posting Student Senate minutes on social media and outside our office. Also, we are currently planning several open forum events throughout the year. Our first open forum is on Oct. 29 from 4-6 p.m. in the UC. In addition, we are working on helping other clubs and organizations on campus advertise their events.

Moreover, the function of Student Senate is to provide a voice for students to administration on campus.

We encourage all students, especially those with concerns, to communicate with us!

Our full senate meetings are open to any students every Thursday from noon to one in the library conference room.

Additionally, students are always welcome to approach us directly, visit us in our office (UC 104), send us an email, or drop an anonymous comment in the comment envelope outside our office.

Ultimately, we strive to advocate for the changes that students want to see on campus.


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