Students present on sustainable festival

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Students presented on their experience at the 37th annual Prairie Festival Nov. 3. The festival focused on soil, sustainable agriculture and climate change and spanned over a week-long period with a mixture of lectures, walking tours, art and music performances. The six students who went to the festival took turns sharing what they learned during the festival. Take-aways included developments to create hybridized perennial wheat, theologies about shifting world views and varrying ideas and innovations about how to reform and institutionalize agriculture and growing methods. When the students weren’t attending informational sessions, they were attending bonfires, camping, barn dancing and exploring testing fields for sorghum and perennial wheat. The students traveled to Kansas for the festival, which was hosted by The Land Institute, a non-profit organization operating since 1976. The students took what they learned back to Pacific and B-Street farms. The university’s local farm located blocks from campus, now has the first plot of Jernza perennial wheat on the West Coast.

Photographer: Sierra Miller


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