Pacific University holds solidarity rally

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What started with students rallying against racism on their campus, ended with a black student being assaulted by three white males just five days later.

Today at 4 p.m. in Trombley Square, Pacific University students, lead by professor of sociology, Daniel Eisen, Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie, Director for Civic Engagement, Stephanie Stokamer, and President of Undergraduate Greek Senate, Ashley McKenzie, will be holding a solidarity rally to show their support of the student and their opposition to racism.

According to an article published, Nov. 23 in the Oregonian, the Lewis and Clark student, Tanguy Muvuna, was walking back from the gym to his dorm room on the evening Saturday, Nov. 21 when he was approached by three white males. After calling Muvana the N-word, he was slapped. He pushed back but was punched in the face and then grabbed from behind.

According to the article, Muvana was threatened when one of the attackers stated, “You are going to die tonight.”

As the struggle with his attackers continued, the attackers continued to throw derogatory racist remarks and then, according to the article, a sweet and sour liquid was poured into Muvana’s mouth.

Muvana was able to break free where he ran back to his dorm and a friend called campus police.

This attack came just days after roughly 200 students from the Lewis and Clark campus staged a sit in to try and call for an end to the racial slurs that had been circulating on the social media website, Yik Yak.

Pacific University students will be showing their support of the student that was attacked and their solidarity with Lewis and Clark College after the violence and racially charged social media posts.

Junior McKenzie referenced Dr. Martin Luther King when she said, “I’m so grateful and proud of our community for coming together to stand with [Lewis and Clark College] and recognizing that ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’”

According to McKenzie, students from the Lewis and Clark campus will be joining in on the solidarity rally being held later on today.

“I’m hoping that this will start some dialogue around campus and will make a statement that we don’t tolerate this in our space and community,” said McKenzie. “I hope that we will all become aware of our actions and how they ripple out and affect the bigger picture.”

The rally will be held today, Monday, Nov. 23 at 4 p.m. in Trombley Square. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.


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