Need-to-know basics: F.L. vs. Pacific University

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Plaintiff (F.L.) filed a complaint in the County of Multnomah circuit court against Pacific University for Negligent Injury and is suing for $3 million.

Summary of events:

On November 17, 2013 plaintiff attended a party allegedly held by Dustin Bowser, who was a student and assistant coach at the time. She claims she was encouraged to drink alcohol to the level of intoxication. She then left the party with a male student (K.M.) and was “sexually battered, abused and raped,” according to the official complaint.

Suit claims negligence on two counts:

A) In failing to prevent gatherings like the one described when University officials knew or had reason to know conditions were likely to lead to sexual abuse of young women.

B) In failing to provide adequate policies, practices, investigations or sanctions to reduce the threat of forcible sexual violations of intoxications or incapacitated female students.

Open criminal case:

The case was investigated and settled by the university but is also an open criminal case in Washington County. The Forest Grove Police Department sent the case to the District Attorney and is waiting for adjudication, which could take weeks to a year.

Campus reaction:

Several students who wish to remain anonymous reported they have heard many rumors about who the plaintiff and perpetrator are. Reaction in regards to opinion about the university is split between students defending the university and upset about the suit and students angry about the suit and wanting answers.

Administration statement:

President Lesley Hallick said the administration is not able to comment on specifics about the case, as per advice from legal council but will be as transparent as possible with students as more information becomes public.


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