Admissions redesigns pacesetters programs

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Students, staff and faculty aren’t the only ones on campus this February. Pacific University has started off the spring semester by welcoming potential incoming freshman with the annual Pacesetters. This year is continuing the change of the Pacesetters format that Admissions decided to start last year in spring 2015.

For many years, Pacesetters has been an opportunity for future Pacific students to have a chance at easing the burden of large tuition payments by competing for a pacesetters scholarship.

Students arrive to take an exam with questions contributed from all of the academic departments.

Depending on their overall scores, participants can earn scholarship amounts that range from $8,000 to $20,000, which is spread out over the four years they attend Pacific.

“The two top scorers earn full-tuition for all four years,” Admissions Events and Communications Specialist Anastasia Bennett said. “The students are also encouraged to have their families attend the event. The Pacesetters Scholarship Competition is a great way for future Boxers to earn additional scholarship and to see what campus is like.”

Until 2015, Pacesetters was held over the course of one day, starting with an exam for the scholarships taking place during the morning and the test results and winners for the full-tuition scholarship was announced that evening.

Last year, the scheduling was altered so pacesetters happens over the course of six days. “The vast majority of students who apply to Pacific have many obligations,” Bennett said. “Having multiple dates to choose from, allows them to find a date that works best for their busy schedules.”

Along with that, other events have been included in the schedule throughout the participating weekends. Each day consisted of a Welcome Session, where Admissions Office and Student Senate President Elona Wilson welcomes the students and their respective families. This is followed by the actual exam, while the parents are guided through Housing and Residence Life and Financial Aid.

Pacesetter also included a College of Arts, Sciences, Business and Education (CASBE) Panel Session.

“The panel consisted of 8-10 current students who are pursuing different areas of study and who are involved in a variety of co- curricular activities,” Bennett said. “During this session, audience members were able to text questions to the panel.”

Students and parents then attend academic sessions where they can choose one of their desired areas of study and get more information from their future professors. The Pacesetter day concludes with students and their families going to the Progressive Resource Fair.

“Students and families went around to five different locations on campus to learn about the services and opportunities that are available to Pacific students,” Bennett said.

Bennett is excited to see how the potential students are taking advantage of this scholarship opportunity.

“These days filled quickly and turnout was great,” Bennett said. “Thanks to all the staff, faculty and current students who make this event so successful.”

The first day of Pacesetters took place Monday, Jan. 25, where the registrations came in quickly. The remaining dates will take place Saturday, Feb. 13, Monday, Feb. 15 and Monday, Feb. 22.


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