Greek life reflects on fall pledging restriction

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Nothing is more important to Greek life than tradition. However several traditions held by the Greek chapters here on campus were called into question last semester resulting in the pledging process for fall semester of last year being rescinded. Several of the traditions had potential to result in hazing, something that is not tolerated here at Pacific University.

President of the Greek Senate, sophomore Ashley McKenzie, said that although the Senate was under pressure from advisers to change some these traditions, the decision to rescind pledging was ultimately made by the senate itself through a majority vote and not forced upon them by their advisers.

Many of the chapters worried that the disruption of their normal recruitment process would result in a large decrease in the number of members which would in turn lead to a major decrease in funding. However, when questioned, McKenzie emphasized the impressive size of the recruiting class this year. The total number of recruits for all chapters would be close to fifty new pledges, making this semester’s group of pledges one of the largest groups in several years.

Another issue that was addressed during the fall semester was the relations between different Greek chapters. In the past it was common to find tension between the chapters, especially with the rise of social media. McKenzie said that she is extremely proud of all the members of Greek life.

“I am extremely proud of all the members of Greek Life,” McKenzie said. “Inter chapter relations have never been better and as a community, Greek life has never felt tighter,” McKenzie said.

Many of the chapters, in an effort to improve their own self-image, have worked hard to create a community where all members, new and old, can feel comfortable.

The Greek senate has put a lot of effort into improving their pledging system and McKenzie hopes that these changes will result in a “Greek community that Pacific University can be proud to call its own.


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