Students invited to Brewery Brunch

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The Portland Area Young Alumni Chapter will host the second annual Boxer Brewery Brunch March 5 at 11 a.m. at Bull Run Cider for all alumni and seniors.

According to Senior Director of Alumni and Community Engagement Martha Calus-McLain ’03, the Boxer Brewery Brunch was a concept created by the Portland Area Young Alumni Chapter last spring as a way to support the graduating class of 2015.

“The first Boxer Brewery Brunch was held in September and it was very successful,” Calus-McLain said. “What is awesome about this event is that it was completely designed by the alumni chapter because they were interested in helping their peers.”

The first brunch included a panel of experts, that the alumni chapter thought would be helpful in the specific areas recent Pacific University alumni would find challenging after graduating. A second aspect of the brunch was to attract current students and to get them connected with the larger community before they graduated.

“The venue is at Bull Run Cider and they are a great supporter and partner of the university,” Calus- McLain acknowledged. “And of course this event is catered by Maggie’s Buns.”

Like the first brunch, the event will hold a panel of experts. These experts include a personal finance speaker, an insurance speaker, a real estate investor and Leslie Limper, the Director of Financial Aid.

At the first event, Calus-McLain said there were really good dialogues and a lot of questions about insurance and investments.

“We had a captive audience and it was nice to see guests connecting with the panelists,” Calus-McLain said.

A finance expert will talk about personal investing and retirement at the brunch. The insurance expert will try to help navigate the process of understanding what insurance entails and its importance. The real estate investor will discuss the comparisons and differences between renting and buying and knowing when to buy and knowing what to avoid, to look for and what to ask when renting or buying. The final panelist, Limper, will explain student loans and how that plays into personal finance.

“The alumni at the event are there to chat and share experiences with the soon-to-be alumni,” Calus- McLain said. “Even if you already know about some of the information, it is always to good to have a refresher.”

For the second Boxer Brewery Brunch, the hope is to have a great turnout from the class of 2016.

“The brewery creates a casual atmosphere, which makes the event more approachable and comfortable for students,” Calus-McLain said.

For those who are interested in attending this event, a reservation is required. Tickets are $5 for the class of 2016 students and $15 for everyone else. A program is available online at,, and people are advised to look at it beforehand.


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