Outdoor Pursuits offers featured spring break trip

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Outdoor Pursuits will host a spring break adventure to Canyonlands National Park for a back country camping trip.

The trip will consist of two travel days and five days of backpacking through the Needles district of the national park.

Outdoor Pursuits guide Ted Wogan said the sign-up’s for the trip closed several weeks ago but that they are still getting people wanting to sign up.

Outdoor Pursuits guide Ted Wogan said that the campsites are so popular that they had to reserve them six months ago because it is such a beautiful area that a lot of people want to visit.

The price to go on the spring break trip is roughly $500, yet Wogan thinks that is a very good

deal. “These trips are a deal, the price includes everything from the permit and transportation to instructors.” Wogan said, “You get free rentals for all the gear you could possibly need.”

Wogan went on to compare this trip to a different organization he works for, saying that a simple guided mountaineering trip lasting two days costs upwards of $700.

Comparing the two Wogan said it is a deal that students really should not pass up.

The trip is primarily a backpacking trip so the participants will be covering a lot of distance on

foot. “A normal day would consist of getting up and eating breakfast,” Wogan said. “Then walking during the day, roughly five hours and then take in the beautiful sandstone valleys and take time for self reflection.”

Junior Tristen Nolasco is a student leader for the trip and this will be his second spring break trip as a leader. Nolasco said that extended trips like this provide something special to the participants.


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