Alumni band performs at McMenamins

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Although Pandora does not offer “Songwriter Jangle Folk Rock” as a music genre, that is just how the Pacific-born band, The Tara Novellas, describes itself. They are a unique band with a unique sound that merits its own unique genre. The Tara Novellas, partially comprised of Pacific alumni, are scheduled to play at the Forest Grove McMenamins Grand Lodge on the first Saturday of each month.

Two of the band’s four members, Tara Velarde ’14, and Joe Deardoff ‘12, are alumni of Pacific University, where the band originated in 2012.

Currently, The Tara Novellas is busy working on a new album and playing at venues around the Portland area.

The self-proclaimed genre “Songwriter Jangle Folk Rock” encompasses many different sounds. “Sometimes it’s gypsy. Sometimes it’s indie rock. Sometimes acoustic. Sometimes Latin influenced,” Velarde said, listing a few of the different styles the band uses. Velarde said the band keeps things interesting by diversifying its sound so that when the audience listens, they will never hear the same sounding song twice.

.Velarde explained that after leaving school the band members took time to settle in at work. In 2014 they wanted to get back into their music more seriously.

Since then, Velarde said that the band has released a CD, toured multiple times, headlined at some great venues in Portland and the surrounding area, played shows with other rad PDX bands, and is now raising funds for its next album, which comes out this summer.

Now, The Tara Novella’s goal is to connect with students.

“We want to meet you, play our music for you, and connect with you through the tunes and lyrics that we hold so dear,” Velarde said.


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